Our expertise on the European market

For international category managers, Aurora offers that little bit more. We take care of eco-certification and logistic challenges. Within the European stationery landscape, there is a lot of cultural diversity: each country has its own formats, ruling and material preferences. These are important points to consider for your business. Aurora has specialist know-how, so you do not have to worry.

Tailor-made expertise

Over the past 87 years, we have seen the European market evolve and grow. Changing needs lead to new opportunities, which we happily embrace. Our account managers gladly keep an eye on the ins and outs of your organisation. Are you facing operational or financial challenges? Solutions abound.

27 countries in the eu
424 satisfied customers
377500000 completed orders

Formats and standards

In Europe, many different formats and standards are used in the field of paper and stationery. Over the last 85 years, we, at Aurora, have seem them come and go. In other words: in terms of paper products, we are familiar with all cultural differences. We gladly share this expertise with you.

Formats and standards

EU labels and environment

Sustainability is a hot topic in the paper industry. Therefore most Aurora's products are FSC® and PEFC certified, but, it does not stop there. Discover how we do our bit, a little better every day!

Aurora does it sustainably | EU labels and environment
EU labels and environment


When it comes to logistics, Belgium is renowned in Europe. No wonder, since our central location is the ideal base to serve your most important markets - inside and outside the EU. As our products are manufactured in Belgium, you can supply your entire network of shops with the necessary paper stock quickly and efficiently.


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