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Whistleblower Hotline


A whistleblower is someone who wants to report (suspected) irregularities within their organization to authorities that can take action. These irregularities may involve violations of legislation, such as criminal acts, fraud, corruption, breaches of environmental protection, safety, protection of personal data, working conditions, etc. AURORA PRODUCTIONS has established an internal reporting point for this purpose.

For whom?

The reporting point is open to everyone who wants to report a problem, including employees, members, volunteers, suppliers, customers, etc. When you make a report, your identity will not be disclosed unless you give permission. You are protected against possible adverse consequences related to your complaint.

Further steps

Within a maximum of 7 days, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt as the reporter of an issue unless you wish to remain anonymous. After the report, an internal investigation will follow, and additional information may be requested. Within a period of 3 months following the report, the reporter will receive feedback on the follow-up of the complaint.

How to report a problem?

A report via the internal reporting channel is possible by email or by letter. If you wish to remain anonymous, you must report the problem by letter.

  • by email:
  • by letter: AURORA PRODUCTIONS NV - attn. Whistleblower Hotline, Antwerpseweg 11 - 2340 Beerse - Belgium, clearly marked "CONFIDENTIAL"

It is also possible to make a report through the external channel. See for more information.

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