Belgian Linen Notebook

Belgian Linen Notebook

Grey linen, an updated Aurora classic
Is there any Belgian who doesn’t know our Grey Linen notebook? Used and praised by famous TV chefs, from RTBF Formula 1 commentators to our Belgian police force (although we hope that your name has not appeared in them too often). Our Aurora Grey Linen notebook is the uncrowned notebook star - and even more so now, in its renewed version.

Belgisch - Linnen - Notebook

We are proud to expand our story:
As a Belgian manufacturer, Aurora is proud of our unique Belgian country, and we’re not ashamed to let this be known! Abroad, we and our country are sometimes referred to as “le petit Belge”, or “little Belgium”, in a somewhat demeaning manner, but this happens to be our strength and source of creativity, which is praised anywhere in the world.
We sometimes seem a bit divided within our national borders, but this is really mainly the view of those with the loudest voice.
With this new Aurora smiley, we aim to change this and give people the tools to express our “Belgitude” by adding the Belgian B (you know, the one you see on the license plates), a Belgian reading ribbon and a surrealistic BE smiley inside:)

BE Smiley

By the way, did you know that our “red edge” is still applied in the same traditional way as 40 years ago? With this mix of tradition and innovation, we aim to help people out of their post-corona digital bubble, and take them back to the real world. A world of tactile materials, scents and meetings. In order to facilitate the latter, a diary should not be missing from this collection. Better still, Aurora has developed two diaries to join the Grey Linen family: the “Daily”, a day diary, as the name suggests, and the “Business”, a weekly diary.

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Business agenda


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